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Travel Decorum: The Journey Pillow's Way

Here at Journey Pillow we love to travel in comfort and in style. Traveling Swag is something that we thrive on! I mean, seriously, what could be better than getting true beauty rest on a flight while looking BEAUTIFUL. So we are dedicating this entire page to are travel bros, babes, and bombshells! We want to see what you got! As you travel with your favorite travel accessory, Journey Pillow, snap a pic and post it on your social media with "#JourneySwag". We will be sure to review it and put some of our favorite looks on this page. We especially love when you can incorporate our travel pillow into your look.

It is our desire that our customers can use this page not only to find dope looks, fashion inspiration, and motivation pack their bags and get out to explore the world. We LOVE our travel pillow but, it is only the first step in the overall big picture. Life is too short to miss the beauty in the world around us, not be Journey Swaged out, or to even have a bad hair day!

Check our Favorite looks below!


Meet Ace! She is killing it with these different and trendy looks. We love how she can go from a cute everyday look, to a comfy jean attire, to a business diva. All with the perfect accessories; her Journey Pillow. 

Instagram: Williams_Ace


Women waiting on her train looking very trendy in her flowing maxi dress, edgy leather jacket, and favorite travel pillow


A happy couple getting ready to take a road trip with their Journey Pillows


Professional checking emails during layover


Meet Tamyachta Edwards! This week's Journey Swag winner. We loved the simplicity and sheer cuteness of your traveling gear. Sometimes it is really true that less is more. Thank you for your creativeness and for showing us that sometimes your Swag is simply an accessory!

Instagram: Missyachta

Cute travel products


Meet Mr. Joshua Wallace! We are so excited to about this week's Journey Swag feature. We are in Love with his versatility in his travel swag, creative scenic backgrounds, and his insane ability to layer in the most perfect manner. Josh, your Journey Swag looks effortless but demands attention!

Instagram: Joshua_Wallace

Man traveling in the summer


Well Rested Winter Nomad


Man stopping traffic in neck pillow