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Journey Pillow's Lifeline - Kickstarter Supporters

Journey Pillow's Lifeline - Kickstarter Supporters


Its very rare that I am speechless but... WOW! We are so thankful for all the love and support we received on our Kickstarter Campaign. It is because of the people listed below that we have made it this far. We are so blessed to be surrounded by people like you and want to say THANK YOU! From the bottom of our hearts, we are humbled and will work everyday to ensure we provide you with a travel pillow that meets your needs. CHEERS, to our Superstars, we love you!


Aeriell Robinson

Alice Arise


Bruce Burwell

Camille Suarez

Caron Bracy

Cedrick Dolphin

Chadrick Williams

Chris Geiger

Cynthia Philantrope

Dallis & Skylar

Danielle Cataldo

Daryl Wakefield

Deangelo Ford

Deloria Jackson

Delvin Boyce

Denise Williams

Dolores Jackson

Dorothy Rucker

Felecia Jones

Gabrielle Jackson

Gianna Brown

Gladys Jackson

Jacquelyn Smith

Jalisa Jefferson

Jamaica Long

Jamal Henry

Jena Snipes

Jennifer Adams

Jennifer Chun

Jim Maloney

Jocelyn Williams

Katsura Tsuda

Marcus Sheffield

Marvella Sherman

Melissa Williams

Michael Smith

Michelle Mitchell

Mr. & Mrs. Daryl Pierce

Natasha B.

Natasha Boigris

OnenOnly Wright

Philicia Darns


Rashawnda Fagg

Rohan Bloomfield

Rosalee Barrett

Rosalind Ballew

Rose Thomas

Savill Collins

T. Anderson

Tamyachta Edwards

Terrance Pigues


Treshawn Clinard

Venessa Balan