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How to deal with a Pain in the Neck

How to deal with a Pain in the Neck


Everyone Hates a pain in the neck both figuratively and literally! Here are a few techniques and products that can help diminish that. When your neck pain is relieved, you wont be such a pain to others!

1. Using a sleeping pillow that fits your needs at night

A good night’s rest is invaluable but, a third of American adults are not getting enough sleep. A key aspect in achieving great sleep is having the right pillow. Without it, adequate rest is difficult to achieve and you will wake up with your neck and/or back in pain. Don’t be a victim! The video below goes through a series of products and techniques to help with neck pain that most people already experience.

2. Ice therapy

Ice therapy… the oldest trick in the book! Neck pain is usually some combination of inflammation and muscle strain. Ice is a great resource in reducing inflammation. It should not be used more than 20 minutes at time but can be used numerous times throughout the day. Remember, ice will make your muscles stiff so be careful with your range of motion after icing your neck.

3. Staying Hydrated

Depending on the underlying cause of your neck pain, staying hydrated can play a big role in relief. Dehydration can lead to headaches or migraines which can lead to discomfort in the neck. If your neck pain is always accompanied by headaches it is likely that you need to drink more water. Plus, hydrating often is good for so many other things.

4. Using a quality travel pillow

Traveling often requires the body to be in uncomfortable positions for long periods of time. The body rewards this torture with tenderness in the neck/back. Obtaining a quality travel pillow will ensure your neck is in alignment with your spine while causing no discomfort. Be sure to recognize that not all travel pillows are made the same. The wrong pillow can cause more pain which is why we stress the word “quality.”

5. Stretching

Neck pain is usually targeted by stiffness in the neck muscles. The best way to loosen that tension is by  stretching the neck muscles. There are different types of techniques used depending on where your pain is centralized. Remember, that you should always warm up your muscles before stretching to help prevent injuries.